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Entry #2

I like to wear girl's clothing

2007-11-14 17:29:29 by usafddh

I like to wear my sister's clothes when she's not around, and this includes her thongs. I also love to shove her dildos up my ass. However, I have a girlfriend. What does this say?


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2007-11-14 17:33:17

My guess is that ure biosexual.


2007-11-14 18:13:12

It says that you like to wear womans clothing and put stuff up your ass.
Even though you have a GF who could do that for you.

My guess is that she doesn't care, or you never told her...

Besides, isn't your sister surprised that her thongs smell of balls every time she puts them on?
I don't know what your sister is used to... but what the hell.

Anyway, its wrong, so stop doing it.


2007-11-14 18:21:54

i'm guessing you're jesus.
kill everyone.


2007-11-14 18:23:46

You's a tranny.


2007-11-14 18:32:38

um, i don't know what this means, but it is kinda strange, maybe your a bi-pedo. i dunno.


2007-11-14 18:38:24

dude, tell your gf, tell your sister... maybe get your own clothes so ya don't have to raid your sister's clothes. There isn't necessarily anything wrong with what you do, its just how you roll... the only thing that needs to be done would be for you to either constantly clean her toy or for you to not use it... she could get sick from that.


2007-11-14 20:29:50

maby your bi


2007-11-14 20:57:19

you are bi :[


2008-01-30 17:39:43

Hahaha, haha.

and then "lol".


2008-03-09 22:47:04

More than anything you've written, the fact that you're parading it around and asking for our opinion on something you've picked up that society considers 'bizarre' says you're starving for attention.

But yea, beyond that it says you derive sexual pleasure from taboo things. Incest, cross-dressing, and anal play are themes inherent in your post.


2008-05-07 17:18:12

Now I have only 3 as in three letters to describe my innermost and spontaneous thoughts on your whole not-so-extreme-but-oh-so-wannabe-EMO (or dark?) person:


Peace (lol)


2008-07-30 14:51:09

You're gay.


2009-02-01 02:45:45

I'm sorry, but that doesn't make you bisexual. Bisexual means physically and emotionally attracted to both sexes.
I think you're just curious.
Troll thread win. -.-


2013-02-15 19:04:12

You're fucked up in the head, man.